We offer you a tailored-made Roadmap

Your situation is unique, whether considering studying abroad or immigrating to Canada, your options and process will differ from that of your friends and colleagues. Based your strategy on information found on the internet or someone else’s experience could lead to frustrations and refusals.  Work with us, getting a tailed-made Roadmap through our consultation, you will be closer to your dream with confidence. We take the time to understand your situation and goals, explaining the options suitable to your unique circumstances and  answer your questions. As part of our consultant service,  you will obtain a Roadmap document that serves as your personal blueprint for continuing worrying with us or completing and submitting an application on your own, whichever suits you the best.

Step 1:
Free Initial Assessment

Complete the initial assessment. The initial assessment involves a preliminary review of your situation to assess your eligibility before booking a consultation。

Step 2:
Free 30 minutes Scheduled Call

After reviewing your initial assessment form, we will invite you to join our consultants for a complimentary 30 minutes call so we could get to know you and clarify information that wasn’t included or clear in the initial assessment. 

We will only recommend you engage us for a paid consultation if we are confident that we can help you solve the challenges you are facing. 

Step 3:
Full Consultation with A Roadmap

Our consultation includes a one hour consultation (either in person or remote) and a final Immigration Roadmap document. This is an exceptional value because you may proceed on your own knowing how the immigration system works, or retain us to serve you for the rest so you know you are maximizing your chance. 

If you choose to retain our service within 30 days, we will be glad to use this Consultation Fee towards your full retainer agreement.

Fee: CA$500